Monday, 24 June 2013


anzanian a land of contrast - hot dusty plains where lions and zebra roam set against the green shores of Lake Victoria where hippos laze in the crystal water.

Nestled in North East Tanzania, on the shores of the Lake, lies the town of Musoma.  This is where 

Andrew Oram, son of Sam and Karen and employee of Masterco Compact Tractors in Somerset, headed this Spring. You may have seen Andrew under the bonnet of a tractor in the workshop or arriving with the lorry to deliver your machine. Andrew has taken 3 months away from Masterco to work with a group of 12 young people in Tanzania with GoMAD (Go Make a Difference) Tanzania

He has been helping on a number of projects working with the local church amongst the rural community building clean water tanks and healthy toilets and washrooms, as well as working amongst the children and orphans - it's amazing what a football can do even in a different language!
Health is a major concern in this poor community and the team have acted as health worker and ambulance driver in some critical situations.  Reliable transport in the Bush is vital and Andrew has been able to combine his college engineering as well as his experiences with Masterco to keep the 2 old land rovers – the Green Machine and the Red Rocket on the road! 

As well as this, Andrew's farming experience has come in useful, as the team help the local farming co-operative - the Rafiki group with planting, tending and irrigating seedlings and crops. Their enthusiasm and ingenuity were stretched to the limits after a major hailstorm wiped out much of the nursery seedlings and severely damaged the wheat crop. The team helped by getting to work replanting, replacing the seedlings and encouraging the dismayed farmers to start again.

Whilst we have missed Andrew in the workshop and out on deliveries, we know he is doing a vital job in Africa amongst the local community in Musoma. There are going to be so many stories to tell (and hundreds of photos to see) when he returns in July, but for now we know he is really making a difference with GoMAD Tanzania. Well done Andrew from Masterco Uk Ltd.

If you would like to know more about GoMAD or Andrew's Tanzanian adventure please contact us through the Masterco website for an update