Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What's the point in Chain Harrowing?

So it’s the time of year when grass paddocks need to be chain harrowed.

Its all about timing. From mid February to late March is the prime time to use the chain harrows. The ideal conditions are not that easy to find. The ground needs to be soft but not wet. If its too hard the results are often not great.

But what do chain harrows actually do?
Well it’s a mixed bag of results but the results are worth while.
Removing dead grass or thatch from the surface
Breaking the soil open to allow oxygen to get to the base of the grass
Levelling mole hills
Restoring poached ground around gate ways
Disturbing new weed shoots
If timed right the results of harrowing in terms of stimulating new grass growth can be quite remarkable.  I use the trailed type of harrow and find them very good.

What type of chain harrow to use?
You can buy Fixed point chain harrows or flexi type. Without a doubt the flexi ones are the best. You can also buy the chains as trailed or mounted. The mounted ones are easier to use and are ideal to move from paddock to paddock. It depends what you can afford and how much of an area you have.

Can chain harrows do any other type of jobs?
Chain harrows have been used with good results as ménage or arena levellers. It depends on the surface but they are usually good on sand based arenas.
Chain harrows are commonly used in seed bed preparation and are ideal for use before and after sowing grass seed.

Masterco Compact Tractors stocks a range of heavy duty flexi time chain harrows available is 2 sizes and great value from £200