Friday, 14 September 2012

Japanese Compact Tractors and Hydraulics

Do you want to use a hydraulic Tipping trailer for your compact tractor? Operate a log splitter? Use a post knocker? You may have the tractor but no hydraulic connections. Many of the Japanese compacts, particularly the imported tractors, do not have external hydraulics. However virtually all tractors have internal hydraulics.

So how do you get the oil that’s inside to come outside?

Depending on the compact tractor, it’s often very easy to do. It needs to be done correctly to prevent any damage to the pump and done in such a way as it actually works. Basically all compact tractors have a hydraulic pump that sucks oil from the back axle to the pump which is driven off of the engine. The oil, then under pressure, is returned to the back axle and rear hydraulic system.  As the operator chooses, the rear lift arms can be raised or lowered. If no movement is needed the oil is simply released into the back axle.
As a by the way: OIL.  Most compacts share the oil in the back axle reservoir (maybe 10 or more litres) with the rear diff and axle, gearbox and pto gearbox. You should not use hydraulic oil but a Multi or General Purpose agricultural oil.

So you want to tip a trailer: Well most compact tractors have a screw in plug or cover that, if removed and replaced with a feed pipe will, once the arms are fully raised, pump the oil along this pipe. If you attach the pipe to a tipping trailer then the ram will extend and the trailer will tip. Different makes of tractor have different locations for this plug and some require new parts to make the system work.  For example Kubota B7100 and the various derivatives are easy to do. Masterco stocks the feed pipe and return for these tractors. We can supply fitting details and it’s pretty straight forward. Yanmar are usually straight forward, however Hinomoto are a bit more tricky!

Please contact Sam at Masterco if you require further details or any advice on 01278 686352 or 07590 443499.