Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Buying a Compact Tractors made in Japan or China?

We all know the big names within the Compact Tractors market : John Deere,  Case International , Ford and Massey Ferguson.  They have all, in the past, made ranges of compact tractors. However, you may not have come across Shibaura or Hinomoto,  Mitsubishi or Yanmar.

So what’s the connection?
Yanmar built tractors for John Deere...........
Shibaura built tractors for Ford..............
Hinomoto built tractors for Massey Ferguson ........
Mitsubishi built tractors for Case.......

So there you are - all that meets the eye is not as it seems.
Japanese v Chinese

Japanese Compact tractors are well built and very reliable. Regardless of the name on the bonnet they are (in Masterco's opinion), far superior to any of the Chinese made tractors. In many ways the Chinese tractors are simply “small” tractors not true compacts.

Recently Masterco Compact Tractors sold a 1972 Yanmar to a chap in Cornwall.  Thats 40 years old!! It started and ran faultlessly, all the lights worked and it was in great order. I doubt you will find a running tractor made in China in 40 years time.
Chinese tractors are somewhat crude in design and construction. There are too many ancillary failures such as starter motors, alternators etc. They also do not hold their value too well.

If you are going to buy a compact tractor, you need to consider carefully - Chinese v Japanese and I know which we would suggest!